Distance You Can Feel

SIM Max/SIM Max•OS Irons

How many distance irons can say they have their own sound engineer? With an improved Speed Bridge and ECHO Damping System for better sound and feel, we went further than we thought possible to bring you a distance iron that feels better than anyone thought possible.

SiM Irons Features & Technologies

Bridging Performance

Explosive distance, enhanced feel and a sweet sound…What more could you ask for? A more refined Speed Bridge™ puts SIM Max/SIM Max•OS a step above its predecessor.

Good Vibrations

The ECHO® Damping System expands across the entire face from heel to toe, giving you better feel at impact without sacrificing performance.

Each Iron Uniquely Designed for Accuracy 

We engineered Progressive Inverted Cone Technology to optimize accuracy with each iron in the set. 

Thin to Win

With a 17% thinner face than the previous class, SIM Max gives you more ball speed and forgiveness.

Proven Distance & Power 

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ completely disconnects the lower portion of the face from the sole of the iron and allows for a free-floating face. When combined with Speed Bridge™, the face maintains stability while delivering maximum ball speed. 

Oversized Iron Shape

An oversized construction results in a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness across the entire face. SIM Max•OS delivers the most distance of any iron in our 2020 lineup. *Only SIM Max•OS

SIMple Fit

Match the needs of your game and with the SIM iron that’s right for you.


Precision accuracy, easy-to-hit and incredible feel


High launching, maximum distance and extreme forgiveness

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