It’s Not a Dozen Balls,
It’s a Box of Swagger

We teamed with Rickie Fowler to develop a ball that reflects his swagger and delivers the performance he demands. TP5/TP5x Pix is the ultimate crossroads of high-level performance and lighthearted swagger. It has technology you didn’t know you needed, and the swag you’ve always wanted.

TP5x pix Features & Technologies

Is the Line Clear?

Strategically placed graphics frame the TaylorMade logo to form ClearPath Alignment™ and provide immediate feedback once the ball is rolling. The only way to see it is to play it.

Better Visibility

Multi-color high contrast graphics designed for greater visibility and strategically placed to enhance alignment.

Same Technology as Our Best Performing Tour Ball

Powered by the same 5-layer construction as the hottest Tour balls in the game, TP5 pix combines the revolutionary technology of ClearPath Alignment™ and the unmatched swagger of Rickie Fowler with Tour-proven performance. 

ComparisonConstructionCoverBall SpeedPlayabilityTrajectoryFeelWedge Spin
TP5 Pix5 LayersSOFT-TOUGH CAST URETHANEFasterWorkableMidSofterHigher
TP5X Pix5 LayersSOFT-TOUGH CAST URETHANEFasterPiercingHighSoftHigh

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